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Our hope is to inform you with solid information about the best online sportsbook for you to play at in order to fit your needs as a bettor. We outline what we believe are key ingredients for the betting public when they chose their sportsbook.

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You are invited to read through our site with an open mind and formulate your own opinion on the sportsbook that will best serve you. Keep in mind that we are bettors ourselves and we continue to put the sportsbooks to test with our secret shopping reports. You can visit us frequently as we update our pages with our latest findings. This is far from a finished project as every day we work on SportsBookRoom to give you the latest and most up to date information about the sportsbook betting industry. We have set the bar very high for the online sportsbooks to deliver on their word and on the execution of their software betting platform. A helpful hint to help you decide is to simply write down what type of bets you will frequently make? Are you a teaser player? A prop player? Do you like Parlays? Or are you simply an individual side and totals player only? Also is your volume heavier on one sport Research what type of bonus offers and payouts listed will best benefit your betting style. Some sportsbooks will offer incentives for your plays on certain sports. Some offer promotions throughout the week with lower juice on selective bets. Bookmark our site and make it your resource for sportsbook news and information.

Best Online Sportsbook – Every single one has its advantages

Not every online sportsbook has been equally created. Each one is different and may tailor your needs better in certain areas. If you find better value at a sportsbook for your NFL betting but find another sportsbook will be a better fit your NBA betting than simply open an account at each property. If you like to bet on the horses you will find a rebate structure may vary at different racebooks. Open an account at a racebook that will fit your betting needs best. It is very common for bettors to open betting accounts at several sportsbooks. The purpose is to bet a certain type of wager or sport of interest at the individual property that offers them the best perks for their betting dollar. You will take better advantage of bonuses when you spread out your play at multiple properties. Don’t forget to shop for your teaser and parlay odds as well. You will find each sportsbook property has different payouts for your winnings. The benefit of having multiple accounts puts you in power to gain the most from your wins! Let’s face it. We don’t always shop at the same store for everything do we? We like to frequent different shops because each offers us value in certain product lines. Online betting is no different. We have rated the top sportsbooks to allow you to shop them for the best return on your dollar. Feel free to open an account at each one that will deliver you the best value for your specific play.