Best Sportsbooks Online

The Sports Book is available on paperback over and is written by DK Publishing. It sells for just $13.95. Sportsbook rules are covered in a comprehensive manner as the project is a group effort of some of the sharpest minds in the industry. If you are new to sportsbook betting it a great tool to learn the rules of over 200 games. Olympic fans will like that the best sportsbook books has the rulebooks for many of the Summer Games. It is a must for the sports buff in your family as they not only cover the rules but the all-important strategies to show one the game in depth. Parents gave favorable reviews because many boys are big sportsbook fans and The Sports Book is a subject that will engage the youngster into picking up a book and begin reading it from cover to cover.

You can find the Odds in Sports Betting books at an affordable $13.97. The author is the popular King Yao who is a forum poster on many gambling related message boards. Mr. Yao contributes to the informative Two Plus Two internet social group. This book is for the deep thinker who wants to apply logic and reasoning when making sports bets. Weighing the sports lines in Sports Betting adapts bettors to the ever changing marketplace with proven methods to find more winners than losers. King Yao also teaches his readers on the technique of scalping or middling a game that many professionals have successfully engineered in their sports betting careers.  Sports bettors will get a great lesson from this book.

Top Sports Book Reviews

One of the more popular reads available now is Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong. You can purchase this book right now at for a mere $13.43. Stanford Wong uses a math approach for his sports bets. He teaches his readers how to find value in a betting line and how to apply it to bets. He covers the strategy for making parlay and teaser bets. There is a heavy emphasis on the NFL betting market as pro football is widely the most popular and puzzling wager for sports bettors. Although some may perceive the sports book a bit technical there is emphases placed on the beginner to help them get up to speed in order to take advantage of the profitable math model approaches.

When you place bets it is an important lesson to get an idea of what goes on from behind the counter. The Book On Bookies takes you into the mind of a successful bookmaker. It is a great read because you will find out why the house most always wins and why the majority of bettors lose over the long term. The subject here is very comprehensive as you will get the bookie’s betting perspective on all the major sportsbooks online as well as horse racing and golf. Find out knowledgeable betting tips for your halftime, money line and parlay bets. One of the interesting points you get from reading this sports book is how to make a wagering line, why the lines move and who moves them.