Euro 2012 Soccer Betting Prediction Portugal versus Spain

The first UEFA semifinal game kicks off this afternoon with a meeting between rivals Portugal and Spain. All UEFA Euro 2012 odds can be found at Bovada sportsbook.

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Portugal is coming into this game off of the heels of a 1-0 win over the Czech Republic. In that match their star Cristiano Ronaldo answered the bell and scored the only goal of the game. The Portuguese have gotten significantly better with each game and will look for their midfielders to improve even more as they try to take down mighty Spain. It will be interesting to see how the Portuguese midfield reacts to Spain’s ball possession style and if the crosses that have worked so well for Portugal up to now will work today.

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Spain is entering this match with a 2-0 win over France in a match they completely dominated. There were strategical maneuvers made by the Spanish coaching staff that proved them well in the game versus France. In this match on both sides there will be players who are very familiar with one another. This is why the strategical aspect of this game is going to be so intriguing and we are interested to see what the Spanish coaching staff has in store for the Portuguese.

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We are actually going to go with an outside the box pick here and go with a draw at halftime in this one. We look for this to be a tight game which will definitely in our eyes be tied at halftime so prior to wagering read sportsbook reviews.