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Bet on Euro Cup 2012

The 14th European Football Championships will begin on June 6th as 16 nations representing Europe will compete. Hosting Euro 2012 will be the countries of Poland and Russia. In the 2008 Euro Cup Russia made it as far as the semifinals before bowing out to Spain in a decisive 3-0 victory by the Spaniards. Fifty one teams qualified for this prestigious tournament from August of 2010 until November of 2011. Current odds has a tie for favorite as Germany the World Cup 2010 third place finisher is lined at +275 odds to win the coveted title along with World Cup 2010 and the defending European 2008 Champion Spain. The 2008 European Championship final saw Spain defeat Germany 1-0 with a goal in the 33rd minute by Fernando Torres.


Odds Source: Oddsmaker Sportsbook

Spain and Germany EVEN
Spain and Netherlands +250
Spain and England +300
Spain and Italy +300
Spain and France +400
Spain and Portugal +600
Spain and Russia +1000
Germany and Netherlands EVEN
Germany and Portugal +600
Germany and England +500
Germany and France +600
Germany and Italy +700
Germany and Russia +850
Netherlands and England +850
Netherlands and Portugal +850
Netherlands and France +1000
Netherlands and Italy +1000
Netherlands and Russia +1600
England and France +700
England and Italy +1500
England and Portugal +1500
England and Russia +2000
Italy and France +1800
Italy and Portugal +1800
Italy and Russia +2500
France and Portugal +1800
France and Russia +2000
Portugal and Russia +2500


As the third choice by the betting public the Netherlands are lined at +700 odds and hoping to replicate a successful performance in this year’s Euro Cup following an impressive World Cup 2010 where the club finished second. In group stages the Dutch went a perfect 3-0 and held a goal differential of +4 with wins against Japan, Denmark and Cameroon. After a 2-1 win against Slovakia in the round of 16 the Dutch pulled off the major upset in the quarterfinals by eliminating favored Brazil 2-1. Following a 3-2 win in the semis against Uruguay the Netherlands failed in their World Cup 2012 crown by dropping a 1-0 decision to Spain in extra time by allowing a goal in the 116th minute of play.

2012 Euro Cup Soccer

The 2012 European Soccer championships is a shot for redemption for two specific countries that disappointed their fans greatly with disgraceful performances two years ago. France is lined at +1200 odds and is a much maligned squad following a forgettable World Cup 2010. The team was slotted in a competitive Group A with the likes of North American power Mexico and a cagey South American nation in Uruguay. The host nation South Africa seemed to be the patsy of the group. France began World Cup 2010 with a 0-0 tie with Uruguay and was embarrassed 2-0 by Mexico. The French hit rock bottom and failed to escape group stages following a 2-1 defeat to host nation South Africa that had the citizens of France outraged by such a pitiful showing.

Another nation looking to make amends off a poor showing in World Cup 2010 is Italy who is lined at +1100 odds in Euro Cup 2012. Expectations once again were high for Italy as they were slotted in Group F with Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand in World Cup 2010. Italy as with France was unable to escape group stages and finished fourth and in last place among the four countries. The Italians opened with a 1-1 tie with Paraguay and then in an upsetting result for Italy tied the weakest link of Group F New Zealand 1-1. Facing a must win game against Slovakia in the final Group F game the Italians were defeated 3-2 that sent the team back home and disgraced with their inability to make the knockout stages of World Cup 2010.