Home Run Derby Major League Baseball Betting Predictions

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Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers-While Kemp is probably a deserving captain for the NL squad one has to question the fact that he is even participating. He has missed significant time with injury and the Dodgers need him healthy for the second half push. We do not think Kemp’s swing is a fit for a HR Derby so we do not think he will win.

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Robinson Cano, New York Yankees- Cano comes into this year as the defending champ and surely he will not sneak up on anyone this time around. He is the captain for the AL Squad and definitely has a decent shot at being a repeat champion because of his sweet swing.
Prince Fielder, Detroit Tigers- New uniform, new league, same powerhouse bat. Prince Fielder is always a threat in these contests. He can hit home runs to all different parts of the ballpark and no stadium can hold him. Consider him also one of the favorites in the whole thing this year like always.
Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies- This guy is our darkhorse. Yes, he plays he Colorado, but the guy can flat out hit. If he gets in a rhythm watch out because he could surprise everyone and take the whole thing.

Mark Trumbo, Los Angeles Angels- Trumbo is a newbie to the contest and although he has the swing and power to compete, guys who are doing this for the first time tend to struggle. We do not think he will have the consistency needed to pull out a win.
Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays- Bautista should learn from his experience last year which was dreadful. He is the third best option on the AL side which to us in clearly better than the NL side. He will be better than last year, but will not have enough to take the crown.
Carlos Beltran, St. Louis Cardinals- It is a bit of a surprise to see Beltran in this thing and he is again a first time participant. Expect him to struggle and we do not see him advancing to the second round.

Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates- Andrew McCutchen is an injury replacement for Giancarlo Stanton. Could he step in and win this year like Cano did last season? You never know and you will be able to get the best odds with the dynamic Pirates outfielder.

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We like Prince Fielder and Carlos Gonzalez to advance to the finals in the Derby. Yes, we are taking a chance with Gonzalez, but we do not think anyone will have a problem with the selection of Fielder but before wagering pick up sportsbook promo codes.