Sports Book Review Sites: Best Online

We have put together bettors on our staff of editors as we offer our betting audience the best online sportsbook reviews. One of the criteria management places on our staff is they must be active in the field of online sports book review gambling. Sportsbook Review Table

This philosophy allows us to gain firsthand knowledge on the sports book review sites that use to meet the needs of their players. We all meet several times during the week in our round table and discuss openly our overall experience we received from our top website sportsbooks as well as some of those properties that just missed our list and many more who were way off our list. Something we like to do is have each of our employees in the room via the speakerphone contact customer service individually and test the sports books ability to render adequate execution. We review the friendly and knowledgeable staffs that put the customer first. One of our biggest tests is how the sportsbook handles payouts. Are they timely? Do the customer service agents do their due diligence in the research to answer our questions about our withdrawal requests and the status of our courier check? We also ask the online sports books support staff questions about how to place bets and we analyze for good attitudes from them in their handling of our secret shopping phone calls. We really examine attitude greatly with front line employees because it could raise a flag to us if the attendants are incompetent and have poor relations with potential or current customers phoning in. has the best Review sites that Bettors Like

Today’s bettors like the flexibility to bet anytime and anywhere when they chose a sports book review site. That is something our reviewers who are too sports bettors look for in their top betting outlets. We understand there are those who may not have the convenience of being in front of their computers and want to get in that bet for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA college football and basketball. For us to give a top rating for the best online sportsbooks they must allow a user friendly experience for bettors to get in wagers from their smartphone. Other standards that are crucial are the ability for bettors to easily fund or have access to their account at their online sportsbooks from their mobile device. Our entire staff places bets as well as fund our accounts from our smartphone and we can report without doubt that you will receive an enjoyable and secure betting experience with your mobile device. We also discovered that betting parlays, teasers, props, futures and in live betting was a very acceptable experience with our handhelds as we executed our bets. Some of the other features we found extremely impressive was the sports book ability to deliver readable and current odds on their entire menu for mobile users and all of this with no software apps to download whatsoever. Once we put our bets with our handheld device we wanted to see if the bets we entered were correct and just as importantly was accepted. During our trials we found the performance of our top rated sports books to deliver outstanding results as all our wagers we made through our handheld was accepted and correct.