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In order to receive our top honor as the as being the original sportsbook reviews online, we put them to the test and they have passed the tough criteria’s we have set for performance. We fill your shoes as customers as we open accounts and experience firsthand the betting experience in full.

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That means from deposit to payout we study and analyze the sportsbooks online for their level of service in every way possible from a consumer perspective. We have been betting sports for nearly three decades and are fully familiar with the expectations of a gambler and the type of service one should get from their sportsbook. Topping our list is the simple but the most important feature and that is if you win you better get paid. We have put in our requests for payments and made the phone calls to customer service of these sportsbook review sites to accurately rate the sportsbooks because their competence to pay their winning customers. Something we are proud of is our expertise to track a sportsbook without being influenced at all by advertising dollars that many other review sites need like a human being needs oxygen. We are not advertising partners with any sportsbook reviews sites, racebook, casino or poker room whatsoever. No upfront money is accepted to position a banner or to move someone to the top of our list. No single property can or will pay us for a positive rating on our site. And we will not accept money from a sportsbook property to negatively rate a competitive online sportsbook reviews at

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Our standards are high as they should be for site functionality, ease of depositing, payouts, bonus redemption, fair play and security on these online sportsbook review sites. Something that is extremely important for bettors is their capacity to bet minutes before the game time. Peak period betting usually occurs between the 12PM-1PM Eastern Time frame on Sunday afternoons as well as that hour prior to the kickoff of Sunday and Monday night football. Saturday afternoon creates massive traffic to a sportsbook where huge cards from college football and college basketball are going off just about every hour from the first east coast games at 12PM to the late night bailout game at Hawaii at 12AM Eastern Time. We track each of the sportsbooks reviews online because of their performance during these most important time frames to ensure you can get your bet in just prior to tip off as we know from experience that most of the bets come in within an hour of start time. The online sportsbooks which receive our top ratings all ensure you funds are safe and secure with minimal financial risk. There is a long history to go from there, so you should be informed about the places that have the staying power in the industry because of their ability to meet the needs of their customers. Bonuses must be paid and there has to be a clear and concise explanation that is easily attainable for bettors to read. Exceptional customer service is a must and we have a high standard for it. We test the execution of the online  sportsbook reviews utilizing their toll free numbers, email and live chat and it contributes into our overall rating.