Top Super Bowl Prop Tips for Online Sportsbook Betting Giants and Patriots

We are just hours away from the kickoff of Super Bowl 46 between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. The network to watch the Super Bowl is NBC and the time it will start will be 6:30PM Eastern Time. We are going to give you the best bet Super Bowl prop betting tips to bet the big game and the betting lines used will be from Bovada sportsbook.

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Our top Super Bowl 46 betting prop is playing on New England Patriots running back Danny Woodhead to go over 12 ½ yards in passing yardage at -115 odds. Woodhead is very fast in open field and I expect him to find some cracks in the Giants defense for catch and run opportunities. We have seen screen plays work in the past against the Giants fierce pass rush as Eagles head coach Andy Reid would often use Brian Westbrook out of the backfield in the passing game with middle screens which would help slow down those pass rushers from New York. We also like Danny Woodhead to catch over 1 ½ passes for the game which pays -115 odds. Tom Brady has to release the ball very quickly in tonight’s game and Woodhead will be an outlet receiver as the Giants secondary forces their attention on the two tight end sets for New England along with Deion Branch and Wes Welker at the wide receiver position.

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We like Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch to have over 42 ½ yards receiving with a return of -115 odds. As Tom Brady goes to his short passes to move the football it will open up big plays downfield for Branch who is a favorite target of Tom Brady when he goes deep up field. A prop we like as well is for Branch’s longest pass reception to be over 17 ½ yards. In the NFC championship game we saw Vernon Davis break big plays in the passing game against this Giants defense. I expect Branch to have some big plays here as Brady could go to some pump fakes short to draw the defenders in and open up Branch deep. Play Deion Branch to catch over three receptions at -130 odds. Tom Brady trusts Branch and will look his way as he was once a Super Bowl MVP wide receiver.

Bet Tom Brady to have over 25 ½ total pass completions at -135 odds. The New England Patriots don’t alter their game plan of throwing the football regardless of score. They don’t put their foot off the gas even with large leads in the second half. This team is very aggressive offensively so even if the game is a blowout you can still expect the Patriots to throw the football well into the later stages of the fourth quarter. With New England running a no huddle offense it will increase the number of plays in this game as the goal is to wear out the Giants pass rushers to set up many scoring drives in money time in the second half of the Super Bowl. Our site contains helpful hints so you can maximize your return with the best bonuses for your sportsbook betting

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